Metro Laser

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I've always felt really insecure about my hair especially on my legs and face. After I started going to Metro Laser I noticed a huge improvement with both my facial and leg hair. Thanks to Gursh at Metro Laser I finally feel confident about going out in shorts and dresses. The laser treatments not only gave me the results I was looking for but the treatment was also fast and painless. After just a few treatments my body hair was hardly noticeable. Gursh always took great care of me when I went for my appointments and I am so grateful for the treatments. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a hair removal treatment to head to Metro Laser.

Dear Gursh,

Thanks so much for doing my laser. This was my first time getting laser done. I have to admit I was very nervous but with your thorough explanation of how you would be doing it, I was very comfortable! After the laser, my arms felt amazing... 

I had no bad reaction, no redness, no bumps. It's been 2 weeks since I've got laser done from you, my hair finally started to grow back but very less of it. The newest laser machine out there that you have really worked!  I'm so glad I've gotten laser done from you! I really recommend people to try your laser treatment. It was unbelievable! -Sincerely, Raj-

Dear Gursh,

My experience at Metro Laser was wonderful. Gursh is great! She is very professional, personable and cares about having the best outcome for the service I was receiving. She is very thorough with explaining procedure and skin type. I got laser on my arms and legs and it was pain free. I’m on my second laser session and the results I am seeing are phenomenal. My lower legs before were constantly having ingrown but not any more since I had my laser treatment. I would highly recommend anyone who suffers from ingrown due to coarse hair to try laser. It’s helped me feel more comfortable in knowing that the growth of my hair has decreased and it is pain free. I am very happy with the results.

I trust her and highly recommend everyone to try her services. I am sure I will be back in future. Thanks Gursh! -Jatinder-

Dear Gursh,

The service was excellent with affable and caring people and the results were great. I did laser on my arms and legs and there have been no hair growing back. I am not able to do waxing as it is too painful, but the laser is absolutely pain-free. The price is also reasonable compared to other laser treatments I have looked at. The quality was exceptional and I highly recommend Metro Laser hair removal services to anyone. Overall, I am very happy with the results and will most definitely be coming back.



Dear Gursh,

I’m hugely impressed with the service I have received at Metro Laser. I was never treated with so much care and attention as I was at Metro laser. At other clinics, I was never asked to return for a follow-up treatment/check-up and this is what makes all the difference when it comes to customer service. At my first visit, it was like I knew Gursh for a long time. I felt so comfortable! She made me feel like I was the only client at Metro Laser. Thank you very much! - Amrit-

Dear Gursh,

Metro laser is one of the best laser hair removal service I have had the pleasure of coming across. The owner, Gursh Dhinjal, is an educated esthetician and knows what she is doing. She is a genuine person that puts her clients first and is quite entertaining, as well.  I feel completely comfortable asking her any questions. I LOVE GURSH AND HOW SHE LEAVES ME FEELING BEAUTIFUL IN MY SKIN. I highly recommend her! 


Dear Gursh,

I would like to start off by saying how great Metro Laser is and how amazing the pain-free laser is that Gursh uses. I started coming to Metro Laser in 2015 and since then I have noticed such a drastic change in my hair growth. Prior to getting my laser done, I would notice that if I waxed my body hair it would growth back within one and a half weeks, and if I shaved my body hair, it would grow back within a day. Ever since I started going to Metro Laser, I barely see any hair. When the hair does come back I have noticed it is very fine, unnoticeable and my skin feels silky smooth. I get my full body and face laser done. I have tried different lasers in the past which haven't worked for me. I immediately noticed a difference with my hair growth after the first treatment. I am so happy with my results that now even when my hair grows back, I can still wear a dress because I cannot feel or notice it. 

My families and friends have seen how great the laser has worked for me, that they decided to try it for themselves. Everyone that I have recommended to try out the painless laser at Metro Laser, have absolutely loved their results. I highly recommend for individual who want to see great results with hair loss to try Metro Laser. -Karen Deol